Apple Rejects Gay Sightseeing App

BoyAhoy App

While Apple has given the go ahead to promote controversial gay male social networking applications such as Grindr and BoyAhoy, the Cupertino-based firm has twice given a thumbs-down to what they call a “racy” gay sightseeing app.

Anthony Grant, co-creator of “Gay New York: 101 Can’t-Miss Places” calls the rejection “homophobic and discriminatory to the point of hostile.”

The app was the vision of Grant, a contributing writer to Forbes and New York Times, in conjunction with San Francisco-based technology company Sutro Media.

Apple wrote Grant to reject the application, taking issue with images that show too much skin and a caricature of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. But Grant says “far racier photographic material is routinely available on other apps” and his images of a go-go boy wearing a Speedo and the reproduction of a male nude painting are PG-13 by comparison.

“This is all part of gay culture,” Grant states, “which happens to bring tons of money into this city.”

Apple provided Grant with screenshots of the images the company objected to, and encouraged him to resubmit the app for review if he could make the necessary changes. The company has previously come under fire for rejecting mildly racy images from smaller app publishers while accepting apps from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and Playboy, in addition to other controversial apps.



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