More proof that sexy things do indeed come in small packages

Dressier, more serious, and still super gay.

When Size Really Matters

Cadillac can be credited with helping make the luxury SUV a thing back in late 1990s when it created the Escalade out of a workaday Chevy Tahoe. Everyone from haughty horse owners to rap stars rejoiced. Thing is, a bouncy, trucky Tahoe always lurked not to far beneath the Escalade’s shiny, chrome-drenched surface. And with competitive lux-u-vees like the Range Rover, BMW X5, and Volvo XC90 getting nicer and nicer these days, the redesigned-for-2015 Escalade really had to, as the kids say, bring it this time.

Let’s talk fashion for a second: we all strive to wear the “right thing,” but we’ll tear out of the room if our friend shows up wearing the same T-shirt. Yet for some reason, it’s totally fine that everyone drives the same car. Moving forward, I propose that we get a bit more clever about our rides—black BMW drivers, I’m looking at you—starting with what I consider to be the best crossover on the planet, the all-new 2016 Volvo XC90.


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