Publisher's Editorial

Title Created Date
OpEd: The Day I Met Harvey Milk 21 May 2014
OpEd: Michael Sam - Let Him Play 14 May 2014
Op-Ed: Hate Speech Pays Hefty Price 02 May 2014
Op-Ed: Be Who You Are 24 April 2014
Commentary: Is Putin Light in the Loafers? 16 April 2014
Op-Ed: Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening 16 April 2014
Op-Ed: Pride South Florida’s Marc Hansen Still Must Go 16 April 2014
Op-Ed: Charlie Crist for Governor - Newspapers Have a Duty to Speak Out 02 April 2014
Op-Ed: Love Him or Hate Him, Fred Phelps Helped Us All 26 March 2014
Op-Ed: Tell Mom the Gay Community Has Some New Friends 12 March 2014
Op-Ed: Your Penis is Showing 05 March 2014
Op-Ed: The ‘Out 50’ is a Salute to All of You 27 February 2014
Op-Ed: Why Grindr Mattered 19 February 2014
Op-Ed: Michael Sam Tackles NFL Homophobia by Coming Out 12 February 2014
Op-Ed: Young Gay Man Goes Missing; Media Foolishly Ignores Sexuality 12 February 2014
Op-Ed: Coke is the Gay Thing 06 February 2014
Forecast for a Fifth: SFGN Celebrates Four-Year Anniversary 31 January 2014
My Business Partner Must Be a Communist 29 January 2014
Op-Ed: Pot Does No Harm; Now is the Time to Legalize it 22 January 2014
Flame and Shame in Sochi 15 January 2014
The Tabula Rasa of a New Year 01 January 2014
The LGBT Community Shines in Transparency 30 December 2013
The Real ‘Best Of’ List is Right Here 24 December 2013
Edith Windsor: SFGN's Person of the Year 18 December 2013
We All Wear the Face of HIV 27 November 2013
November 22, 1963 20 November 2013
Pot Smokers Finally See the Rainbow 15 November 2013
Give us a Reason to Believe Charlie 06 November 2013
Lou Reed and Tab Hunter: Long journeys to the Light 30 October 2013
Harvey Milk Stamp in the Works 24 October 2013
Advertisers are the Back Bone of SFGN 24 October 2013
We Are What We Are 07 October 2013
Sound Bite Q: The Ultimate Smile 02 October 2013
All News Can't Be Good News 11 September 2013
Welcome to the SFGN Fall Arts & Entertainment Guide 04 September 2013
Dr. King and the March for Equality 28 August 2013
‘Amazing Race’ Bonds Contestants and Benefits Broward House 21 August 2013
Every Day is a Good Day for Civil Rights 01 August 2013
Op-Ed: Freedom of the Press is Real National Security 24 July 2013
There is No Shame in Telling the Truth 10 July 2013
Pride South Florida’s Behavior Has Crossed the Line 03 July 2013
Doom for DOMA, A Victory for America 28 June 2013
Pride South Florida Board is a Disgrace to You 27 June 2013
The Mirror Editorial 26 June 2013
Marc Hansen Must Go: Pride South Florida Director Stonewalls Media; Threatens SFGN 19 June 2013
No, it is not World AIDS Day, but it does not need to be. 05 June 2013
The Legacy of Harvey Milk 29 May 2013
Giving Matters More Than Getting 08 May 2013
Opening Doors in Pro Sports 30 April 2013
Adam Lambert’s GLAAD Award a Joke 17 April 2013