Publisher's Editorial

Title Created Date
OpEd: A 2018 Open Letter to Our SFGN Readers 24 January 2018
OpEd: I Am Angry at Hollywood 23 January 2018
OpEd: George Castrataro Wins Achievements in Excellence Award 17 January 2018
OpEd: 2017 SFGN Achievements in Excellence Award - Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Dean Trantalis 10 January 2018
OpEd: Anderson Cooper is the SFGN Person of the Year 03 January 2018
OpEd: The Most Dangerous Man in America is Donald Trump 27 December 2017
George Carlin Can Now Add Fetus to His Dirty Words List 20 December 2017
OpEd: LGBT Lives Laced with Energy and Opportunity 15 November 2017
OpEd: Celebrating the Best of 2017 08 November 2017
OpEd: We Are All Day to Day 01 November 2017
OpEd: The Line Drives in My Life 25 October 2017
OpEd: LGBT History is Important 18 October 2017
OpEd: Las Olas Boulevard Wrote LGBT History of Gay Fort Lauderdale 11 October 2017
When The Unimaginable Becomes Real 04 October 2017
OpEd: Trump is a Racist 27 September 2017
OpEd: The Aftermath - Words After the Storm 15 September 2017
OpEd: Stone and Morgan Partner on Pot Passion 06 September 2017
OpEd: Who is Right – The Pride Center or Sal Torre? The Answer May Surprise You. 23 August 2017
OpEd: No Robert Boo We Are Not ‘Fake News’ 16 August 2017
OpEd: There is Only One Right Side, and Donald Trump is Not On It 16 August 2017
OpEd: Trans Ban Just the Start of White House Regression on LGBT Rights 02 August 2017
OpEd: When Will There Be an Openly Gay Professional Baseball Player? 19 July 2017
OpEd: The Pulse of Our Lives 07 June 2017
OpEd: South Florida LGBT Community Rallies Behind OutGames Athletes 31 May 2017
OpEd: Love in the Face of Death: The Message of Father Bill 17 May 2017
OpEd: Stay Healthy and High 06 April 2017
OpEd: Pride Means Never Having to Say You Are Sorry 05 April 2017
OpEd: Pride Fort Lauderdale Throws a Spectacular Party 01 March 2017
OpEd: Milo the Mean Hoisted on His Own Petard 22 February 2017
OpEd: The New Cannabis Law and You 15 February 2017
OpEd: The President is a Pussy 08 February 2017
OpEd: An Imperial Presidency Asserts Itself 01 February 2017
OpEd: The 2017 Arts Season 31 January 2017
OpEd: ‘Advocate’ Exposes Anti-Gay Cabinet of President Trump 25 January 2017
OpEd: The Pee-otus Affair: Under Trump ‘Watergate’ takes on a whole new meaning 18 January 2017
OpEd: Bad Things Happen to Good People 11 January 2017
OpEd: The Uncanny Reality of Cabaret 04 January 2017
OpEd: Reflecting on the Issues of My Life 28 December 2016
OpEd: There is no Christmas in Aleppo 21 December 2016
OpEd: Are the Democrats Dumber than Dirt? 07 December 2016
OpEd: Let’s Put an End to World AIDS Days 30 November 2016
OpEd: You owe Donald Trump nothing. 22 November 2016
OpEd: I Believe in Tomorrow 11 November 2016
OpEd: 20 Things You Won’t Ever See in Hillary’s Emails 02 November 2016
OpEd: Re-Elect Sheriff Scott Israel 26 October 2016
OpEd: You are a liar, Donald Trump. 19 October 2016
OpEd: Here’s Some History For History Month 12 October 2016
OpEd: The Continuing Disgrace of Donald Trump and his Surrogate Army 05 October 2016
OpEd: Straight Guys With Cigars 21 September 2016
OpEd: Fifteen Years Later 14 September 2016