Publisher's Editorial

Title Created Date
Op-Ed: Not Just a Parade, But History Walked the Beach 27 February 2019
Op-Ed: Reflections on the History of South Florida Pride  20 February 2019
Op-Ed: Parkland – One Year Later  13 February 2019
Op-Ed: Henry Vidal’s Death Lives Again  07 February 2019
Op-Ed: Planners StrikeOut at the Plaza  07 February 2019
Op-Ed; Are Trump Supporters Trashing SFGN ? 06 February 2019
Op-Ed: Hamilton Hits Home Because it is Our Own Story  01 February 2019
Op-Ed: The Continuing Ruminations from Chairman Norm 30 January 2019
An Open Letter to Craig Jungwirth 24 January 2019
Op-Ed: More Ruminations, Rants and Rules of the Road  09 January 2019
Op-Ed: A New Year’s Message From Chairman Norm 02 January 2019
Op-Ed: AHF’s Low Cost Housing Project A Humane Idea 19 December 2018
Op-Ed: Medical Pot Is Florida Law 05 December 2018
OP-ED: The Meteor That Was A Mercury 02 December 2018
Op-Ed: HIV Not a ‘Tragic’ Diagnosis Anymore 29 November 2018
Op-Ed: The Sun Is Rising On Gay America 22 November 2018
Op-Ed: Election Analysis 14 November 2018
Op-Ed: Equality Florida Is Fighting For You 09 November 2018
Op-Ed: A Death In Afghanistan Wakes Up Democracy In America 05 November 2018
Op-Ed: Hyping Hate Instead Of Hope 31 October 2018
Op-Ed: A Legend Moves On: The Passion and Pride of Pompano Bill   24 October 2018
Op-Ed:SFGN’s Senior Edition Was A Hit 17 October 2018
Op-Ed: Notes from the CEO 15 October 2018
Op-Ed: Let Determination, Not Depression, Guide your Future 10 October 2018
Op-Ed: 50 Years Later, HAIR Will Be Live Again; My friend won’t be 09 October 2018
Op-Ed: Mirror, Mirror, Is In Your Halls 03 October 2018
Op-Ed: An Open Letter to Donald Trump 26 September 2018
Op-Ed: Reflections on John McCain and 9/11 12 September 2018
Op-Ed: The Bullets of a False Revenge Strike Us Once Again 30 August 2018
Pontiff Shocker: Pope Wants Parents to ‘Pray’ for Gay Children 29 August 2018
Op-Ed: Tweeting My Way to Hell 15 August 2018
Op-Ed: Erotica at the Emporium 08 August 2018
OpEd: Rants, Ruminations, News and Notes from Chairman Norm 01 August 2018
Op-Ed: Computer Scams: 21st Century Monsters 18 July 2018
Op-Ed: Blackmail Scam on the Internet 11 July 2018
Op-Ed: The Most Dangerous Man in America is Still Donald Trump 05 July 2018
Op-Ed: The Manors and Marlins Hit a Home Run 20 June 2018
Op-Ed: A Mimosa for Stonewall Pride 13 June 2018
Op-Ed: How the Lauderdale Bars Remained Open 06 June 2018
Op-Ed: Have Pride in the Pride Center 25 April 2018
Op-Ed: A Rough Patch for the LGBT Community 11 April 2018
Op-Ed: The Disaster Waiting to Happen on NE 24th 04 April 2018
Op-Ed: A March for the Ages 28 March 2018
OpEd: Why the OUT50 Issue is So Special to Me 21 March 2018
OpEd: The Congressman Does Not Have to Yield 14 March 2018
OpEd: #MSDStrong - The Pain of the Parents 07 March 2018
Op-Ed: Blame the Shooter and the Gun; Not the Sheriff and Students 26 February 2018
OpEd: A Massacre Too Close To Home 21 February 2018