Publisher's Editorial

Title Created Date
OP-ED: What Did We Have to Lose? Apparently Everything. 09 July 2020
OP-ED: Like You, SFGN Begins to Re-Open 02 July 2020
OP-ED: I Wear A Mask — Do You? 19 June 2020
OP-ED: The Supreme Court Sides with Our Side 18 June 2020
OP-ED: Protesting is Patriotism; Dissent is Democracy 05 June 2020
OP-ED: The President is a Traitor – Oaths Broken, He Should be Tried for Treason 22 May 2020
OP-ED: Vaccinate the President, too 14 May 2020
OP-ED: The Eye of the Storm is Within Us 07 May 2020
OP-ED: Call Out the Huckster 30 April 2020
Op-Ed: Weathering the Storm Called Covid 16 April 2020
Op-Ed: Fox News is Fixed News 08 April 2020
Op-Ed: Open Letter To Our LGBT Community: COVID-19 and Us  02 April 2020
Op-Ed: Don’t Joke About the Coronavirus 01 April 2020
Op-Ed: The Dawn of Disaster 'President Fails to Rise to the Occasion' 25 March 2020
Op-Ed: Bill Gates Had It Right 18 March 2020
Op-Ed: Statement From Norm Kent on The Death of Justin Flippen 05 March 2020
Op-Ed: Privacy Is Not What It Used to Be 19 February 2020
Op-Ed: Moron with a Sign, From Patron to Protestor 29 January 2020
Op-Ed: Count Your Blessings While You Can 22 January 2020
Op-Ed:  Selecting The Best of The Best 22 January 2020
Op-Ed: Entertainer of the Year — Ronnie Larsen 22 January 2020
Op-Ed:  Julian Cazavaos is our Volunteer of The Year 22 January 2020
Op-Ed: Brandon Wolf, Local Person of The Year 15 January 2020
Op-Ed: Misty Eyez, Trans Activist of the Year 15 January 2020
Op-Ed: Tim Hart, Straight Ally of The Year 15 January 2020
Op-Ed: Saluting Ellen DeGeneres 08 January 2020
OpEd:Ten Years, One Computer, One Desk, One Office  01 January 2020
OpEd: A Celebration of Us 24 December 2019
OpEd: Scourges of the Republican Right 18 December 2019
OpEd: GMCSF Sparks Up Hard Rock 18 December 2019
OpEd: Hope is Forever 02 December 2019
OpEd: Our Fund Hosts Annual ‘State of the State’ Symposium 13 November 2019
OpEd: SFGN endorses Mayor Pete for President  07 November 2019
OpEd: SFGN’s Car Issues Should Have You Roaring to Go 30 October 2019
OpEd: SFGN Wants to Give Life to Your Death 23 October 2019
OpEd: Debauchery and Decadence Coming to the Drive 16 October 2019
OpEd: On Turning 70 09 October 2019
OpEd: ‘Turning the Other Cheek – The Wrong Way’ 25 September 2019
OpEd: Returning to the Radio 11 September 2019
OpEd: ‘The Norm Kent Radio Show’ Returns Labor Day 31 July 2019
OpEd: Investigative Journalism Requires Local Newspapers 17 July 2019
OpEd: The Soaring Spirit of Summer Days and Nights 15 July 2019
OpEd: Donald Trump Masturbates at Flock Fest 10 July 2019
OpEd: Tales of the Hot City 03 July 2019
OpEd: Mayor Pete the Invisible 26 June 2019
A Stonewall Story "Why We Bother", By Norm Kent 25 June 2019
OpEd: Critiques and Criticisms have to Be Credible 19 June 2019
OpEd: Pride is A Celebration of Our Successes and Sorrows 12 June 2019
Notes From the CEO  26 March 2019
Op-Ed: When Stonewall was a Rights Riot, not a Party or Parade 25 March 2019