There are few places I’ve visited that captivate my emotions as much as Stockholm, Sweden.  This was my second visit to the city -- a place so heartfelt that it’s almost difficult to express in words.  The people, the culture, the history and the scenery of the city are truly remarkable and make it a must-see destination.

From September through November festivals celebrating the LGBT community are scheduled to take place across the country. Such gatherings draw large varied crowds, and will give you a chance to see a new city, meet new people or check-in with old friends. Coinciding a vacation with such a festival in turn fosters local economies, gay businesses, and non-profit organizations supporting LGBT individuals. It’s a fabulous way to show your pride!

Tennessee Aquarium

Chattanooga is one of the most historic cities in Tennessee.  A pivotal Civil war battleground, the city has earned its place in United States history. The word “Chattanooga” is a Creek word meaning “rock coming to a point” and it is thought to be a description of Lookout Mountain, one of the attractions we visited.

Key West’s tranquil oasis

My first visit to Key West was a business trip in which there was little time to savor the many delights of the island. My second trip was quite spontaneous and coincided with Key West Pride, in mid-June. This was a fun time but busy once again. Although this time we were busy running from event to party to parade to experience all the festivities and to meet as many cute men as possible.

Brazil has always been one of those destinations which people only dream of visiting.  The iconic images of Rio de Janeiro, Florianopolis and São Paulo are those of legend.  On my recent journey to São Paulo, I had the opportunity to experience adventures I never thought I would be able to, in a city full of love, life and culture.

There are few cities as universally attractive to the adult traveler as Las Vegas, which is particularly attractive to the gay adult traveler. With gallons of glitz and more glitter than the floor of Elton John’s closet, it’s no surprise, then, that gay people from around the world flock to the desert to play. While gambling may be the city’s lifeblood, it’s the shopping, shows and luxury accommodations that make Las Vegas truly fabulous.