Take a short drive from Reno and you’ll discover Virginia city, nevada. at the peak of the silver rush on the comstock Lode in the mid-1870s, more than 25,000 people called the bustling city home. Hundreds of boarding houses, bars and brothels lined the streets of Virginia city, catering to the needs of the hopeful miners. the locals will tell you the wealth discovered here helped build San Francisco. even mark twain settled here for a short time, writing for one of the local newspapers. today, a trip to Virginia city is a trip back in time to explore the exquisitely preserved churches, opera house, school and more. 

With same-sex marriage legal for several years now, millions of gay, lesbian and trans couples are adding a honeymoon to their wedding plans. As recently as 2014, only about 55 percent of same-sex couples went on a honeymoon after their wedding ceremony, according to Community Marketing & Insights (CM&I), a San Francisco-based market research firm that tracks LGBT travel trends. 

There’s a reason the capital of Argentina is a top destination for LGBT travelers from all over the world. From gay-friendly places to stay to international cuisine (to say nothing of the beautiful men that make up the city’s gay community), Buenos Aires is unlike any other city in the world. Seasoned travelers might say the city is reminiscent of Paris, with its exquisite European-style architecture, or New York City with its bustling theater-lined city streets. But there’s a definite Latin American influence that separates it into its own class.