(Mirror) There’s nothing worse than signing up for a cruise and finding that it’s with a group where you don’t fit in. Although cruise ships accommodate anywhere between a one to three thousand passengers, there are often large groups that book the majority of the cabins. 

(Mirror) I hate flying. OK, I said it. Funny because for decades I was the CEO of a company that supplied the avionics industry of Italy. I am fortunate to have traveled across the globe prior to 9/11. Since then getting on a plane is a major hassle, and that's not including the chronic delays before getting on, taking off, disembarking, and waiting for your luggage after having spent hours in a seat far too small for the medium sized American human frame, always with the soundtrack of the shrills and cries of obnoxious children and their parents.

(Mirror) The word staycation is a portmanteau of stay and vacation. Supposedly the term was first used in the Canadian television show “Corner Gas” in 2005, however the Merriam-Webster dictionary cites the earliest use of the term in the Cincinnati Enquirer, July 18, 1944. 

(Mirror) Acceptance, rights and inclusion was our gay agenda and as the war subsides to battles and as the dust clears, we begin to see the outcome. We may love our gay culture, yet it is important to understand that achieving our goals carries with it the cost of giving up who we were for who we will become.