I have a confession to make: I never understood what made the British comedy, “Absolutely Fabulous” so funny. I didn’t get it when episodes were first broadcast at the local bar and, nearly 20 years later and endless reruns on Logo, I still don’t get the English humor. Now, I wasn’t about to surrender my gay card, but I did wonder which gay gene could be missing.

The most touching moment in Jennifer M. Kroot's “To Be Takei” is the wedding of the beloved Star Trek icon to his longtime partner Brad Altman. Enterprise shipmates Nichelle Nichols (Uhuru) and Walter Koenig (Checkov) served as ring bearers, while Altman's lesbian mom and her partner smiled proudly.

It was 1973 and Mark Segal, was sitting in the CBS studios watching America’s most trusted newsman, Walter Cronkite, conduct the evening news live. A journalism student, Segal was given a pass into the tiny studio to learn more about broadcast — but he had much more planned that night.