It’s so pretty.

Cars, as with people, can get away with a lot when they’re pretty. And the Jaguar F-Type could be one of those cases. Sure, it’s cramped, but it’s so pretty. It can’t handle a shopping spree at Crate & Barrel, but it’s so pretty. It’s hard to enter your man-friend’s driveway without scraping the nose, but—sigh—it’s soooo pretty.

Truth be told, the F-Type doesn’t have much to apologize for. It’s a sports car, after all, and anyone looking to buy one usually know that certain sacrifices are required.

As a sports car, it is damn near perfect, with excellent steering, pan-flat cornering, high levels of grip, and power aplenty under that long, phallic bonnet. I terrorized South Florida in a 495-hp V-8-powered F-Type ragtop when the car was launched two years ago, and it was incredible. With just 380 hp and a fixed glass roof, this F-Type V-6 S offered a much different experience. It was less about looking fierce at stoplights while scaring passersby with a raucous crackling exhaust than appreciating the car’s sheer beauty standing still and exquisite dynamic balance on the road. In other words, it is more mature.

And it’s damn beautiful. The coupe’s most dramatic design feature is its roofline, which tapers dramatically as it stretches all the way to the rear lip. Outward vision is less than stellar, but with cars like this—as with uncomfortable shoes and skin-tight jeans—when you know you look this good, you make the sacrifice. It’s so beautiful, in fact, that when you get to your destination and walk away, before you get inside, you turn around and look at it one more time. Sometimes more than once.

It’s also comfortable. The F-Type may be a sports car, but it’s still a Jaguar, so you’ll find leather everywhere and a full raft of amenities that will leave your passenger (whether it be your spouse or your trick) more than impressed when they slide inside. Out on the road, the passenger also benefits from grab handles on both sides, the better to hold him- or herself in place while you exploit the car’s sparkling handling.

This is an emotional creature that appeals to your emotional side, but should your left brain pipe in at any point, the supercharged V-6’s fuel efficiency is reasonably good. The price, on the other hand…well again, it’s soooooo pretty.

2016 Jaguar F-Type V-6 S Coupe
Base Price: $78,295
Power: 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 (380 hp, 339 lb-ft of torque)
Transmission: 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic
Fuel Economy, city/hwy mpg (EPA est): 15­–19/24­­–27

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