Audi is sort of the golden boy of the LGBT crowd — ever dapper, always design-ey, with German car cache and just enough luxury. It’s style with restraint, satisfaction without showiness. But did you know that Audi actually owns Lamborghini—yes, that Lamborghini, and that its R8 sports car is basically a Lamborghini Gallardo in Audi regalia? That’s like finding out David Beckham really is a superhero.

Well, it is, which explains why the R8 V10 Plus I just had for a week was so bloody fun. The V10 is basically lifted from the Gallardo with no change in tune, so 0 to 60 happens in about three and a half seconds — quick enough to knock your hat in to the small cargo shelf behind the seats. The steering reads your mind; handling is pan-flat; and the four-wheel drive system means there is grip — all the time. The interior is suitably racy but far from uncomfortable; indeed, it is ergonomically sound and surprisingly easy to live with on a day-to-day basis, at least by supercar standards. The only thing not easy with the R8 — besides look bad — is pay for; even the base R8 costs $119,150 and comes with a fantastic V8, while the V10 Plus model I sampled rang an eye-watering tally of $196,795, which seems like a lot for an Audi. On the other hand. it’s cheap for a Lamborghini. And the respect you get on the road in this thing: priceless.

By The Numbers


2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus

Base price (incl. dest.)








Interior décor




Interior space


Seat comfort


Cargo Space




EPA fuel economy (city/hwy)


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