Gay Car Geek: 2014 Acura MDX — More Than a Facelift

What’s the difference between car design and plastic surgery? When you redo a car, you want people to notice, but when you “get work done,” you don’t. Keeping with the latter, Acura seems to have taken the Brentwood housewife approach when redesigning its third-generation MDX. It looks more or less just like the last one, albeit with softer contours and a row of LED headlamps. Alas, it is new, and in pretty much every way, it’s better than before.

The interior, for example, is gorgeous. The front seats are delightfully comfortable, materials are excellent and the sound system is spectacular and reads every conceivable kind of media (except for your old Debbie Gibson cassettes—sorry).

Storage is everywhere, the back seat is huge and it even has an easy-access third-row seat when it’s your turn to be the designated driver on “Sunday fun day.” The standard V-6 is quiet and fuel-efficient, yet can kick up its skirts when you find out there’s a fire sale at the Andrew Christian store. Even better, next to certain highly respected SUVs, like the BMW X5 and Audi Q7, it is far less expensive. In other words, it’s got enough of the stuff you want, and not too much of anything else, letting you save your money for the undies.

2014 Acura MDX
Base Price (including destination): $43,185 ($57,400 as tested)
Power: 3.5-liter V-6 (290 hp, 267 lb-ft of torque)
Tranny: 6-speed automatic with manual shift paddles
Fuel Economy (city/hwy): 20/28 mpg (FWD); 18/27 (AWD)

Or you could buy:
Audi Q7
Infinit QX60

Renowned automotive journalist and gay car geek Steve Siler has turned his life-long love of cars into an enthusiastic career traveling the world to report on new automobiles as they are introduced. Siler pioneered automotive writing for the LGBT community in the late 1990s and is a regular contributor to Car and Driver Magazine,, AOL Autos, Yahoo! Autos, and the New York Daily News. You can follow his musings @silerroad on Twitter.

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