President Donald Trump’s youngest daughter hit the campaign trail in Tampa on Saturday for an event designed to reach out to LGBT voters.

“I know what my father believes in,” said Tiffany Trump in a 10-minute speech at the Westshore Grand Hotel. “Prior to politics he supported gays, lesbians … the LGBQIA+ community, okay.”

Organizers for the Trump Pride event touted the president’s global plans to decriminalize homosexuality and end the HIV epidemic. Tiffany Trump’s mother, Marla Maples, was in the audience. Maples, a former Broadway actress, is the president’s second wife. 

“Unfortunately, one of her best friends passed away from AIDS and what I think is so powerful when my father says there will be a cure for AIDS within the next 10 years, there will be and God bless,” said Tiffany Trump. 

Local Democrats, however, were not buying it.

“Donald Trump is delusional if he thinks he can spend three years attacking our rights and then turn around and ask for our vote,” said civil rights attorney Michele Rayner.

In a statement, Rayner, the first Black queer woman elected to the Florida House of Representatives, said Trump’s last-ditch political stunt is not fooling anyone.

“Waving a rainbow flag for an afternoon means nothing after his administration appointed dozens of anti-LGBTQ judges to federal courts, codified discrimination against transgender Americans, and are fighting to overturn the Affordable Care Act, and its protections for our community.”

Before introducing Tiffany Trump, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell blasted California Senator Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s vice presidential nominee, as the “queen bee of cancel culture.”

“Kamala Harris doesn’t have the courage to sit across the table from someone she disagrees with who is a gay conservative,” Grenell said. “She votes against them, which is fine, but you should at least meet with them. Why can’t you sit and listen to a different argument, Kamala? You can’t because you’re the queen of cancel culture.”

Grenell said he marched in Washington in 1993 with gay and lesbian Democrats, Independents and Republicans, carrying a sign that read “Diversity and Tolerance.”

“All we wanted was to be accepted,” Grenell said.

Grenell railed against “Gay Inc.” and gay leftists determined to keep equality as a leverage issue.

“They have lost their way,” he said. “They demand you be pro-abortion, they demand you be for immigration open borders, they demand you be for all of the left issues because they recognize we have made equality happen in this country. They don’t wanna give it up.”

Brandon Wolf, Equality Florida Media Relations Manager, countered the event on social media.

“I cannot express to you how tired I am of this pathetic grift,” Wolf tweeted. “Our fight for equality — the one we’re having to wage against you — is not yours to pervert for tacky campaign graphics. Get your hands off our rights and stop trying to gaslight us.”

Equality Florida Action PAC called Trump Pride a “desperate and cynical sham.”

“Donald Trump is the worst President the LGBTQ community has ever seen,” said Nadine Smith, EqFL Action PAC executive director. “This event is a pathetic attempt to hide his appalling record and it’s fooling no one. We are tired of Trump’s lies and our community understands a second term would be devastating.”