The pandemic continues to drastically affect the world. Many have been affected locally. Unemployment is the highest it’s been since the Great Depression, and “social distancing” has become somewhat of the new norm.

The Box Gallery owner Rolando Chang Barrero along with artist Camilla Webster have joined forces to produce the first-ever Art Altruist Auction with the Hindman Auctions. 

On May 29 this auction will support artists in Palm Beach County through Art Synergy Aid.  Newly formed in April, the Art Altruist group consists of Palm Beach art leaders like Kate Waterhouse, Guy Clark, Valeray Francisco and Camilla Webster. These artists all have national recognition and have been globally acclaimed. 

“Watching every gallery, studio and museum close in Palm Beach due to the coronavirus pandemic I realized there was an urgency to create virtual sales platforms like the altruistic art auction for Art Synergy Aid,” Webster said. “Our board has excellent relationships with auction houses, galleries, art fairs and artists. So we could move at a record pace with industry support. We're also all deeply creative ourselves so we can pivot and build.”

Art Synergy is inviting artists from Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Broward Counties to apply original art. Artists looking to participate will be required to submit an application to the jury and apply via Juried Art Services. 

All monies raised shall be divided 50/50, meaning 50% goes towards Art Synergy Aid Fund for the emergency needs of the artist and the other goes straight to the artist. 50% of the proceeds from the auction being held at Hindman will go to the fund as well.  

Any artist needing the emergency grant can apply until the funds have been exhausted.  

Hindman is one of the nationsleading fine art auction houses connecting cities nationwide to the global market and offering expertise in all categories, sales channels and checkpoints. 

Art Synergy is a unique countywide movement of artist, businesses, and civic leaders dedicated to unifying and promoting the diverse culture of Palm Beach Countys and South Floridas vibrant and booming arts community. Art Synergy was established in 2013. 

For decades artists have proven that art can change perspective, whether it is political or thought-provoking. Art Altruist auction will continue the long tradition of bringing art to the forefront in tragic times.  The Box gallery in West Palm Beach is one of the major galleries affected by the shutdown. 

"Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and extraordinary love, said Rolando Chang Barrero, Art Synergy President. The overwhelming commitment to Art Synergy Aid Auction and The Art Altruist Auction at Hindman Auctions is an example of our extraordinary love for the creatives in our community. Having been personally rescued from financial ruin by the community at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, I am resolute in serving my community.

As a direct result of the pandemic and the impact it will have on Palm Beach County’s arts and culture and the exhibition cancellations, museum and gallery closures, Art Altruists have produced a viable and sustainable project that can readily be adopted nation-wide. Their goal is to support the artists in all media by providing primary or additional sources of income to meet their financial needs and keep them working throughout this crisis.

There will two be auctions, one locally on May 22, and then the national auction with Hindman Auction will be on May 29. 

For more information on how you can donate or even contribute an original piece, visit