Florida Authorities Investigate Threat Painted On Garage

NEWBERRY, Fla. (AP) Authorities in a North Florida county are investigating a threat and slur used against transgender people that was spray painted on a home garage.

The Gainesville Sun reports Alachua County deputies discovered the vandalized garage while patrolling a neighborhood in the town of Newberry early Friday morning. Newberry is located west of Gainesville.

The slur was spray-painted in large, black letters and threatened the residents to “move or die.”

Liz Abel told the newspaper that she was startled when she and her partner, Alecia Abel, who started identifying as female just three months ago, were awoken by deputies.

Liz Abel also said that someone had left a sticky note on the garage door the previous day that also said “move or die.”

Newberry’s mayor called the couple and personally apologized for the actions of whoever vandalized the door.