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The political persecution of Andrew Gillum is over. 

Federal prosecutors dropped the remaining charges against the ex-Tallahassee mayor, a week after a jury acquitted him of lying to the FBI. 

In a tweet on May 15, Gillum thanked God while sharing the government’s decision to dismiss corruption charges against him and his mentor, Sharon Lettman-Hicks. 

Friends and supporters called it justice delayed and painful. 

“No doubt this ‘investigation’ and its well-timed leaks cost @AndrewGillum the election. Worse, it cost him and his family so much more personally,” tweeted veteran Florida political operative Kevin Cate, who ran Nikki Fried’s 2022 gubernatorial campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Gillum, campaigning to become Florida’s first Black governor, came oh so close to defeating Ron DeSantis in the 2018 election. The former CNN analyst was the target of a federal probe into improper use of campaign funds, which included a ticket to the Broadway hit musical, Hamilton.

In the election’s aftermath, Gillum revealed his personal struggles with alcohol and depression and came out as bisexual. A photo surfaced, allegedly circulated by gay alt-right blogger Jacob Engels, purported to be Gillum passed out in a Miami Beach hotel room.

Gillum denied using drugs on the night in question, but in an interview said he was “suffering in silence” with his addictions while “perfecting what it meant to wear the mask.”


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