Gov. Ron DeSantis recently passed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Now one group isn’t just saying “gay,” they’re shouting it from the rooftops. More precisely, they’re shouting it from billboards.

ActBlue, the official fundraising platform of the Democratic Party, has secured $300,000 worth of inventory to get the message “GAY” and “SAY GAY” on billboards in Florida.

This is in response to the passage of a bill that bans any discussion of sexual orientation, in any form, in early school years. The bill is written so vaguely, that it could be interpreted to include upper grades and ban long-standing organizations like Gay/Straight Alliances in high schools.

The bill will take effect in time for the next school year, but could be delayed depending on legal challenges.

The messaging has already been approved by billboard companies. This is a stark contrast to a banner plane company that refused to fly messages calling for the measure to be defeated. They said they do a lot of business in the South Florida skies, and didn’t want to alienate any potential future clients.

While ActBlue has had the messaging approved and the inventory reserved, they still need money to pay for the ads. They’re currently accepting donations at