On Wednesday Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi accused Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton of “bullying” her.

Apparently she didn’t like it when Clinton questioned her ties to Presidential hopeful Donald Trump in the unfolding pay-to-play controversy engulfing the two Republicans.
“Of course, as we know, there was a phone conversation between them. They contradict each other,” Clinton said aboard her plane. "The American people deserve to know what was said, because clearly the attorney general did not proceed with the investigation."
Bondi took offense. 
"I will not be collateral damage in a Presidential campaign, nor will I be a woman bullied by Hillary Clinton," Bondi told Fox News host Neil Cavuto. "Hillary Clinton will not bully me.”
Ken Evans, State Committeeman for the Broward Democratic Party, who has worked on LGBT outreach on behalf of the Clinton campaign in Florida, said Bondi’s attempt to play the victim is “deceitful.”

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Questions concerning Bondi’s role in Trump University are popping up at every corner of the Sunshine State. At the forefront is a $25,000 contribution Donald Trump gave to a pro-Bondi political action committee. The contribution came, Bondi says, shortly after her office concluded an investigation into Trump University.
“All you have to do is connect the dots,” Evans said. “It is very, very obvious. She took donations from him to make it go away.”
“It” in this case are complaints against Trump University, a now defunct for-profit education company. Lawsuits from people who felt defrauded by Trump University were filed in California, Florida and New York.
During the Republican primary debates, U.S. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz brought up the issue. Rubio even said he spoke with an individual suing Trump.
“There are people who borrowed $36,000 to go to Trump University and they are suing him now,” Rubio said during a Republican debate aired on CNN. “Thirty-six thousand dollars to go to a university that’s a fake school. And you know what they got? They got to take a picture with a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump. That’s what they got for $36,000.”
Bondi’s decision to drop an investigation into Trump University on the heels of a donation from the New York businessman now reeks of pay-to-play, said Evans.
“This is just too obvious,” Evans said. “People were scammed out of money and she (Bondi) didn’t do anything about it. What would be the harm in her looking into it? She’s a smart woman. This just stinks. It’s truly a payoff.”
Bondi took to Fox News to defend herself. 

"This is about her trying to deflect everything she did as Secretary of State. And as you saw, we've sent a retraction notice to newspapers who have printed anything about this that's absolutely untrue. And Hillary Clinton will not bully me.”