An Irish professional wrestler is working to create an environment of acceptance for LGBT WWE fans.

Finn Bálor made an impact by walking out during last April’s Wrestlemania with members of New Orleans’ LGBT community according to PinkNews. Now, Balor is selling shirts through the wrestling promotion with a rainbow-colored logo, giving 20 percent of the proceeds to advocacy group GLAAD.

“I feel like — not that they were excluded, but sometimes they felt like they weren’t included,” he said to Sports Illustrated. “That’s something I felt a responsibility for, to use the platform that I have for good and to help maybe a small amount of people for the right reasons.”

Bálor said he previously brought the idea to the WWE for approval, but the process was taking a while, according to PinkNews. After he had a logo designed with Pride colors, WWE’s chief branding officer Stephanie McMahon helped get the project back in motion.

The wrestler, whose real name is Fergal Devitt, said that fans have reached out with approval for his work. As for those who are against his message of inclusion, Bálor said he doesn’t want their support.

“My answer was if those people think like that, I don’t necessarily want them as my fans,” Bálor said. “That was a risk I was willing to take.”