“We just gravitated towards one another.”

Sunny and River Martin met at a straight country bar in Las Vegas four years ago. Sharing a passion for ballroom performances and line dancing, they began to date and dance together — eventually traveling to California together to perform regularly.

But once they found out about World OutGames Miami, they packed their bags and moved down to Fort Lauderdale, where River said there is a “strong country music community.”

They are competing in dance sport as country western dancers alongside their dance team, Scandalous.

“We really are such a close family,” Sunny said of the dancing community.

Her wife of nearly three years added, “Meeting everyone else in the community is really exciting.”

Among the 12 LGBT members of Scandalous, Sunny and River are the only lesbian pair. With River as a lead and Sunny as a follow, they mix and match couples on the dance floor throughout their routines.

The two joined the dance team after finding a flyer at gay country western bar Scandals Saloon in Fort Lauderdale. Sunny said that the owner, Ken Kelly, is their “enthusiastic” and “supportive” sponsor.

But they seem to support one another the most.

Sunny said, “(River is) one of the most talented dancers I’ve met in my entire life.”