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Timothy Collins never had a problem staying busy. A computer analyst by day, Collins moonlights as a freelance voice actor while still going to school for more computer certifications.

“I fell in sideways,” he said of his start as a voice actor. “At a time I was a director for a company’s computer department. They were doing presentations and they brought me in to read it. The guy later said, ‘You did a really good job. I want you to listen to something that somebody else did and the client requested it to be redone, and I was wondering if you can redo it for me?’”

Collins, born in Boston, played in the National Gay Volleyball Association for several years after finding the game later in life. He fell in love with the sport playing on teams in Boston and North Carolina.

“I kind of found out in my late 20s I was more of a Sporty Spice fag and I started playing and I really enjoyed volleyball,” Collins said. “Of course when I went to school there were no boy volleyball players, it was considered a girls’ sport. Over time guys started playing it and now we’re where we are today.”

Besides being part of a team, Collins enjoys the physical aspect of volleyball because of the challenge it poses. As a smaller player at 5-foot-7, he’s had to adjust his play to face taller players who hold a height advantage on the court.

Off the court, Collins has an appreciation for languages, as he knows French, Spanish and American Sign Language along with his native tongue of English. He also appreciates historic preservation and enjoys theater and stand-up comedy, with a dream to one day be as popular as comedian Lisa Lampanelli.