Gerwin Mucke spent most of his early life playing soccer, which nearly got him into one of the best professional leagues in the world. Born in Hannover, Germany, he played in Bundesliga team Hannover 96’s youth player development system until a shoulder injury from a collision sidelined him for over a year and a half.

Following two years away from the game, Mucke eventually went to America in 1995 to pursue a career in business. After finding himself a job in the Florida Keys as the manager of a guest house, Mucke moved to California in the late 90s to work in corporate business and then moved to Fort Lauderdale in 2003.

When he returned to the Sunshine State, he helped found the Florida Storm, a team that played in tournaments until 2009. His current team, the United Storm, which includes members from his previous team, got back together recently to try to play in the OutGames and other competitions.

“It’s a fun sport [and] it’s a good team sport and you meet a lot of good friends from different countries, from different states in the U.S.,” Mucke said of playing soccer with his team. “Of course I also run into people I’ve played before and we get back together. We’ve been together as a team for five weeks now, so we still got some work to do before the 26th.”

As an adoptive father of three children with his partner Francisco, Mucke believes that more members of the gay community should step up and become foster parents. Despite facing many challenges, including previously having to wait months to try to adopt his kids, he wants to use his stage at the OutGames to prove that anyone can be a successful parent no matter their orientation.