Gus Kenworthy, a freestyle skier and actor, will be joining the increasing number of LGBT athletes competing in the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.  

Kenworthy will be competing in his third Winter Games. He previously represented Team USA in 2014 and 2018. The skier announced the switch to Team Great Britain in 2019 as a way to pay tribute to his mother, as he was born in Essex, England, to an English mother and an American father.

Great Britain announced Kenworthy will participate in the free ski halfpipe discipline event at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Kenworthy is currently competing in his final X Games.

“Although I was raised in the U.S. I was born in the U.K. and my mum is British through-and-through,” said Kenworthy according to The Advocate. “She has been my #1 fan for my entire life and has proudly stood at the bottom of the mountain waving the stars and stripes in support of me for two Olympic cycles.”

Regardless of which team Kenworthy plays for, there was fear late last year that he may not be able to make the squad at all due to major health issues.

Kenworthy recently revealed on Instagram that he had a "severe concussion" while at a training camp in Switzerland.

He claimed he'd already suffered "a few major" traumatic brain injuries, so the "seriousness of each added concussion has been stressed to me."

Kenworthy took the following two weeks off to recover from his concussion and returned to the slopes. However, he became unwell with fevers and chills just a few days after returning to training. He took a test, which revealed that he had a breakthrough case of COVID.

“Despite being fully vaccinated I had caught a breakthrough case,” Kenworthy wrote according to Pink News. “I checked into a hotel and did a 10-day self-isolated quarantine until I tested negative and was cleared to fly home.”

Kenworthy also claimed to have ongoing troubles with his head, which caused him to feel extremely light-headed, dizzy, and nauseated after working out or raising his pulse rate.

As the Olympics approached, he was very irritated by his recurring health concerns, but said he was trying to be optimistic and hopeful that this would pass.

He went home after a 10-day quarantine and a negative test result, but his symptoms lingered, creating significant doubts about his fitness to compete in the Games. Fortunately, Kenworthy has recovered and is now ready to compete for gold in the Olympic Winter Games, which begin on Feb. 4.

Kenworthy has also announced that he would retire after competing in the X Games and the Beijing Olympics.


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