Braden Holtby was out celebrating his Stanley Cup victory with the Washington Capitals when things took a Pride-colored twist.

The goaltender was spotted later in the June 9 celebration with a red Pride hat with a rainbow logo, according to the Washington Post. Allison Latham was the owner of the hat, which Holtby asked if he could take along with him.

“Hey @dcsportsbog in case you were wondering where @Holts170 got his hat - he asked me if I went to the pride festival, said he was sad to miss it, asked for my hat, then ensured me my hair looked good before he walked off,” Latham tweeted.

Holtby got the hat around 5:50 p.m. according to Latham and he wore it through much of the night’s celebration.

“Forgot to tweet this one earlier,” Independent Journal Review writer Josh Billinson tweeted. “I think Braden Holtby missed DC Pride for the first time in two years because they were partying with the Cup, but he was wearing a Pride hat at the bar #ALLCAPS #StanleyCup.”

Holtby and the Capitals have previously been participants in the Capital Pride Festival, which was happening around the time of the team’s celebrations. In 2016, Holtby had worn a rainbow flag while marching, according to the Post.

“My wife has taught me a lot more about it than I knew before, and kind of broadened my views on a lot of LGBT community issues,” Holtby said in June 2016 “We’ve just gotten to know people in around the community, and the issues they go through and what they’re trying to accomplish. We’ve tried to support them in different ways to create equality, basically. It’s something that we both feel is an issue that’s close to us, an issue we believe in, and this is one way to show that.”

Holtby has also supported You Can Play, a charity that encourages equality in sports participation regardless of gender or sexual identity, and has taken part in the Human Rights Council’s national dinner.