Vanderbilt University has hired its first openly gay coach.

Stephanie White is currently the head coach of the Indiana Fever, a professional women’s baseball team. She is now set to lead the Vanderbilt program in the fall, according to Outsports.

White is married to her partner Michelle Fletcher, with three children.

In 2015, White said she considered herself an advocate for LGBT rights.

"One of the reasons I decided to start being an advocate [is] because there are a lot of people in this state who know me—who know who I am," she said in an interview with Indianapolis Business Journal. "Not who know Stephanie White the coach. Not Stephanie White the player. But who know Stephanie White the person."

She continued: "And I am the same Stephanie White the person who was married to a man as the Stephanie White the person that is married to a woman. If you can get people who may not know or don’t know they know someone in a same-sex relationship to have an appreciation for a person versus the type of relationship they’re in, I think it hits home."

White isn't the only openly gay women's basketball coach — Jennifer Azzi of the University of San Francisco came out in March and is currently married to her assistant coach, Blair Hardiek.