One of the many mistresses of Tiger Woods is writing a book in which she says she saw him engage in multiple gay encounters.

Lording Jolie Ferial claims to have actually witnessed Tiger getting down and dirty with male counterparts, an allegation yet to be bestowed upon Tiger by any other hoe.


Loredana hopes to hit it big with the book she plans to write, and is asking for up to 1 million dollars for it upon its completion.

In the tell all book, she plans to go into detail about how she met Tiger, their own sexual encounters, Tiger’s many sexual fantasies and preferences in the bedroom.

It is believed that Tiger now has more than 16 mistresses, all of whom he had encounters with after marrying his wife.

He has not been seen in public since the day he crashed his SUV while running from his wife who was chasing him with a golf club.

Would you buy a book written by one of Tiger’s mistresses?