We may soon have more LGBT representation in the professional soccer community.

Three soccer players are in talks about coming out publicly as gay. They are conferring with The Football Association in England about safety and support.

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Lawmaker and member of the Culture Media & Sports select committee John Nicholson asked Sports Minister Tracey Crouch about the players, wondering how they could feel safe in publicly proclaiming their sexual identity, according to The Telegraph.

“There are these research points out there,” Crouch replied. “Nine out of 10 people would not be bothered; the Radio Five poll of 4,000 people across England, Wales and Scotland said that most fans would be comfortable with their club signing a gay player; 82 per cent of supporters said they had no issue with a gay player."

She added: “So, in terms of the environment of somebody coming out, actually, today, now, [there] has probably never been a better time to come out.”

In October, Chairman Greg Clarke claimed openly LGBT players would face “significant abuse.” Crouch shot back, stating that Clarke’s assertion is “the complete opposite of the kind of support that a player needs.”

According to Pink News, player Justin Fashanu was the first England soccer player to come out as gay in 1990.

Earlier this year, openly lesbian soccer player Megan Rapinoe was prevented from kneeling during the National Anthem. She wished to kneel in solidarity with San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick in protest for racial injustice.