South Florida Swimmer On Way To Gay Games 10

He’s a swimmer from South Florida, but guys, he’s taken, so hands off.  

“I’m off the market,” said Alvaro Gutierrez, Jr. in a telephone call from Miami last week. 

Gutierrez said he is in a healthy, new relationship – with another swimmer. 

“The therapy process has been amazing,” Guitierrez said. “I continue to evolve and change.” 

Two years ago Guitierrez discovered swimming as a means of coping with divorce. 

Now the 38-year-old gay man joins more than 1,000 other participants in the swimming program at the 2018 Gay Games in Paris. France’s capital city hosts the tenth edition of the Gay Games, Aug. 4-12. Gutierrez is representing the Fort Lauderdale Hammerheads. 

“I do it as a hobby,” Gutierrez said when asked about his skill level. “More as an activity because I don’t really like going to the gym.” 

Gutierrez said he loves to travel and will be visiting Paris for the second time. He is taking a plane from Miami to Atlanta and then on to Paris. Following the games, Gutierrez said he intends to visit Northern Ireland before returning to the U.S. 

Gutierrez competed in the World OutGames last year in Miami. Even though the international event was cancelled, swimming was one of the few sports that still took place. 

The Opening Ceremonies for Gay Games 10 is planned to begin at 4 p.m. local time, Aug. 4, at Jean Bouin Stadium. The stadium, which hosts rugby matches, is in the Boulogne-Billancourt neighborhood of Paris between the flowing waters of the Seine River.  

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