Some fans of the Chicago White Sox took to social media websites this week, expressing their outrage that the baseball team will host a LGBT-friendly event called "LGBT Pride Night: Out at the Sox," Gay Star News points out.

Officials for the White Sox posted a flyer to the team's Facebook pagek on July 28, promoting their pride event, which takes place on August 16 at U.S. Cellular Field at 6:10 p.m.

"A portion of the proceeds will benefit Equality Illinois and our work for LGBT Equality," the flyer reads. Additionally, the White Sox wrote: "Join us for LGBT Pride Night: Out at the Sox as the #WhiteSox take on the Toronto Blue Jays on August 16th! For more information on these specially priced tickets:"

Despite the team's outreach to the LGBT community, some fans were not happy with the White Sox's inclusive effort.

"What does sexual orientation have to do with baseball? Why have a special sporting event in honor of any sexual orientation?" one of the top comments, which has 73 likes, reads.

"When is the Straight Pride night going to be? If it's all about equality then let's make it across the board," another Facebook user wrote. The comment has 112 likes.

"When is white male night? Do we really need an event for every belief and ethnicity?" a similar comment reads.

"This is ridiculous, and so unnecessary . It is preposterously over the top. There is no call or reason for this. Why does an MLB team need to have a night calling attention to people's sexual choice and preference?" another Facebook user said.

Though there were plenty of anti-gay comments on the post, there were a handful of fans who were proud of the White Sox and stood by the event - especially the top comment, which earned 151 likes:

Hey, look... it's a bunch of people whining because a baseball team is holding a night for people who aren't liked by an ignorant section of a religion. I don't see any whining about Jewish Heritage Nights, or Latino Heritage Nights, etc. Why should this be any different?

And to those "Where is straight pride night" people... come back to me when you can point out a time when straight people were persecuted and alienated because of their orientation. I'll give you a hint and save you time: IT'S NEVER HAPPENED. EVER.

You jerks are an absolute disgrace to humanity.

Others echoed the post:

"I am extremely proud to be a White Sox fan. Glad to see the club standing on the right side of history," one user wrote.

"Glad to see my favorite team on the right side of this issue. Good Job Sox!" another said.

"Proud of the Cell for doing this. Thank you White Sox. I'm a straight, heterosexual married male who supports LGBT marriage equality. #HRC" a Facebook user added.

A measure that would legalize same-sex marriage in Illinois was passed in 2013 and went into effect June 1, 2014.

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