Jessica Platt is now the second-ever openly transgender hockey player after joining the Canadian Women’s Hockey League full-time this season.

The Canadian joined the Toronto Furies his season after playing four games with them last year, according to ESPNW. Platt said she first questioned her gender identity in 2007 while in high school and later medically transitioned in 2012.

"I'm hoping I can help other trans people and trans athletes know that they can achieve their dreams," Platt said to ESPNW. "Even if one person is inspired or helped, then I feel like I succeeded at something."

The CWHL worked with advocacy group You Can Play to update their policies this season that all players who are cis or transgender must have the “normal hormone levels of a female,” to compete. The National Women’s Hockey League in America made a similar change in 2016 to allow for Harrison Browne, the sport’s first openly transgender player, to play.