Coming out for Osian Jones, a Welsh hammer thrower, was a whole lot of nothing in a good way.

“In some aspects, it felt like the most underwhelming thing I’ve ever done, because I played it up and became so paranoid — and then you say it and instantly feel better because you’ve said it,” Jones told Outsports.

Jones had framed the event as a negative experience since he was struggling with a lot of internal homophobia, and when it went off without a hitch, he questioned what all the commotion was about.

Jones does not identify himself as a member of any particular orientation other than "part of the LGBTQ community," but he is in much better physical and mental shape this season than he was in 2021, when he claimed, "I hated every single second of last season."

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Sporting Pride Conference to Unite LGBT Communities

Pride Sports UK, Athletics Pride Network, Pride In Water, and the team behind Pride House Birmingham, the venue devoted to welcoming all persons from LGBT communities and their allies at this summer's Commonwealth Games, are hosting the Sporting Pride Conference, which will unite people from across the LGBT-inclusive sport and physical activity sectors in the U.K. 

According to Sports Media LGBT+, one of the goals of the GSK-sponsored conference is to encourage NGBs that have already established LGBT networks for employees, athletes, coaches, and administrators, as well as to provide pertinent information and direction to those that have yet to do so.

Meanwhile, the event's programming places a strong emphasis on LGBT-inclusive community and grassroots sport, with workshops and sessions on topics, such as how to start and grow regional clubs, how to effectively communicate with current members and potential new recruits, how to welcome trans and non-binary participants, fundraising strategies, and more.