Irish professional rugby player for Leinster, Nick McCarthy, has come out as gay. 

McCarthy stated he thought about quitting the sport because he didn't believe he could come out and play professional rugby, according to Outsports. He was enlightened to the genuine status of LGBT players' acceptance in sports when he spoke with a few coaches last year. He stated he appreciated their support.

“The support that I got from them straight away was unbelievable,” McCarthy said. “They helped and guided me over the months that followed so that I felt more comfortable to come out to the group.”

McCarthy has been a professional rugby player since 2015. He previously played for Ireland at the national level. 

He is one of the most recent male professional athletes to come out to widespread acceptance.

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Maybelle Blair, 95, Comes Out During Film Festival

Maybelle "Mae" Blair, 95, has come out at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Amazon Studios' “A League of Their Own.”

She played in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, which was the inspiration for the 1992 film and the current series.

Blair, also known as "All The Way Mae," said she was pleased to see athletes no longer having to hide their sexual orientation and the support found in the sport during a panel discussion.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for these young girl ball players to come [to] realize that they’re not alone, and you don’t have to hide,” Blair shared with The Advocate. “I hid for 75, 85 years and this is actually basically the first time I’ve ever come out.”