LGBT-focused professional wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Vibe has announced three honorees for the 2022 class of the Paris Honors, LGBTQ pro wrestling's version of a hall of fame.

According to OutSports, pro wrestlers Dark Sheik and Eddy McQueen, as well as ring announcer/host Larry Legend, will be inducted in 2022.

Sheik, a trans pro wrestling legend, received her roses after 22 years in the ring, 12 of which she spent as the leader of the Oakland-based counter-culture wrestling sensation Hoodslam.

Since its inception in 2010, the business has had a significant impact on independent pro wrestling. Sheik, therefore, has become a role model for LGBT and trans wrestlers and fans alike.

After more than a decade in the ring, McQueen remains a leader for New York's LGBTQ pro wrestling scene.

McQueen, the queen of looks and champion of divas, forged his own route and paved the way for LGBT pro wrestlers to thrive in New York and New England.

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Playing with Pride: South Dakota Enacts Trans Athlete Ban 

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem signed a bill prohibiting transgender girls and women from participating on female sports teams, becoming the first state this year, and the 10th in the Nation, to enact such a bill.

According to NBC, Noem vetoed a similar law in March, claiming that it wouldn't stand up to judicial scrutiny. Later that month, she signed two executive orders limiting female sports team membership to those who were designated female at birth.

Proponents of trans sports bans, such as Noem, say that they are safeguarding gender equality in athletics. The majority of the legislation prohibits trans athletes from participating in gender-specific sports teams in public K-12 schools, some private schools, and colleges and universities.

LGBT supporters claim that conservative leaders are exploiting transgender inclusion on sports teams as one of several culture war themes to energize their audience ahead of the midterm elections.