About 200 spectators were removed from the Estadio Jalisco after anti-gay shouts were heard during a Liga MX match between Atlas and Mazatlan.

Referee Ismael Rosario Lopez delayed the game during injury time of Mazatlan's 2-1 away triumph when chanting was heard at Atlas' home field.

According to ESPN, Liga MX issued a statement after the game claiming that "close to 200 fans" were expelled from the game due to "discriminatory shouts." The stadium ejections were "carried out by elements of public security with the support of private security and in coordination with the commissioner of Liga BBVA MX," according to the statement.

This was the second day in a row that an anti-gay shout was heard during a Liga MX match. After the chant was heard at the end of a 3-1 loss for the hosts, four individuals were expelled from a Chivas vs. Monterrey game across town in Guadalajara. The game was halted, but resumed after the game was restarted at Chivas' Estadio Akron.

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Coming out for Osian Jones, a Welsh hammer thrower, was a whole lot of nothing in a good way.

“In some aspects, it felt like the most underwhelming thing I’ve ever done, because I played it up and became so paranoid — and then you say it and instantly feel better because you’ve said it,” Jones told Outsports.

Jones had framed the event as a negative experience since he was struggling with a lot of internal homophobia, and when it went off without a hitch, he questioned what all the commotion was about.

Jones does not identify himself as a member of any particular orientation other than "part of the LGBTQ community," but he is in much better physical and mental shape this season than he was in 2021, when he claimed, "I hated every single second of last season."