Zach Herrin, an LGBT auto racer, is about to achieve one of his life objectives. The lifetime racer will compete in a NASCAR ARCA series event for the first time.

Herrin's quest began when he was four years old and learned how to ride a bike. He grew up in a racing family on the West Coast but quickly relocated to Atlanta to be closer to NASCAR nation. 

Herrin, 26, began racing professionally at 16, and his first pro race was held at Daytona. It was a powerful symbol. 

Herrin then came to a halt. The child who practically grew up with a racing track in his home left the sport that defined him to discover himself. 

“Everyone’s debut races are ones that tend to stick around a little bit for drivers. For me, I just want to get out there and let my talent shine and actually show I am deserving to be there, and all of this work is paying off,” Herrin told Outsports.