Ty Wright, a track and field athlete, was named after former Brigham Young University quarterback Ty Detmer, so it's no wonder that he would end up at BYU.

Wright enrolled knowing he was gay at a school not known for being LGBT-friendly.

"I am absolutely out," Wright revealed on the podcast "The Queer Athlete," hosted by Emma Gee, who is LGBT and a former member of the BYU track and field team. "If someone asks, I'll tell them, and I'm not going to hide anything anymore. I've decided to share that aspect of my life with anyone who is interested, but I haven't made a public post about it."

Wright, 20, was raised in Shelley, Idaho, a Mormon-dominated town where he and his family grew up. Despite knowing he is gay from a young age, the four-time Idaho high jump champion was so focused on his athletic career and securing a scholarship that he didn't give his sexuality any thought when he selected BYU.

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Nicole Heavirland Comes Out as Gay

Months after competing for Team USA in rugby during the Tokyo Summer Olympics, Nicole Heavirland has come out as gay.

Heavirland announced her coming-out on Instagram stating, “I tell this story to remind you that your journey is beautiful to you. Mine took 13 years to be completely in love with who I am and to be completely open to love who I want to love.”

Despite the fact that she had not acknowledged it, Heavirland said she wished her name had been on Outsports' list of out Olympians because it would have made her coming-out simpler.

According to OutSports, with at least 16 out athletes, including at least three of Heavirland's colleagues on Team USA, women's rugby had one of the largest numbers of out athletes in the Olympics.