LGBT people are not scary in the showers, but according to statements made by some professional soccer players in England, gays are terrifying after the uniforms are off.

Patrice Evra, a former professional soccer player from France, revealed that while he was playing for West Ham, some of his colleagues publicly stated that they would refuse to shower with any gay teammates. Robbie Rogers was already out and showering with his Major League Soccer colleagues by that time.

“I give the example, when I was playing for West Ham, someone from the English federation came and said, ‘We need to accept everyone’ and the number of players that were like ‘no, if some of my teammates are gay they have to leave now, I won't do any shower [with them],’” Evra told Daily Mail.

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Devon Campbell Comes Out as Omnisexual

Referee Devon Campbell came out publicly as omnisexual in an impassioned Twitter statement, adding another name to the LGBT community of independent pro wrestling.

Campbell, who is based in the Seattle region, has refereed fights in a number of Pacific Northwest indie wrestling outfits, including Without A Cause, DOA Pro Wrestling, Relentless Wrestling, POW! Pro Wrestling, and Prestige Wrestling.

Campbell, who is still in his early career, trains at the Drgnxplex Dojo with pro wrestler and Without A Cause Co-founder Dave Turner.

“I’ve been holding back on this for a while but finally in the right headspace to say this. I am omnisexual,” Campbell wrote. “It’s been a stressful journey of self-discovery, but I’m now free. I am me.”