Referee Devon Campbell came out publicly as omnisexual in an impassioned Twitter statement, adding another name to the LGBT community of independent pro wrestling.

Campbell, who is based in the Seattle region, has refereed fights in a number of Pacific Northwest indie wrestling outfits, including Without A Cause, DOA Pro Wrestling, Relentless Wrestling, POW! Pro Wrestling, and Prestige Wrestling.

Campbell, who is still in his early career, trains at the Drgnxplex Dojo with pro wrestler and Without A Cause Co-founder Dave Turner.

“I’ve been holding back on this for a while but finally in the right headspace to say this. I am omnisexual,” Campbell wrote. “It’s been a stressful journey of self-discovery, but I’m now free. I am me.”

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LA Dodgers Host Pride Night Honoring Glenn Burke

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a long history of supporting Pride, and this year, one of MLB's great LGBT trailblazers will be honored.

The Dodgers have announced they will celebrate their eighth annual LGBTQ+ Night in honor of Glenn Burke, MLB's first LGBT player. Burke was a member of the Dodgers' 1977 World Series squad and played for them for portions of three seasons.

According to Outsports, the Dodgers invited the Burke family to throw out the ceremonial first pitch to mark the occasion. His siblings will also be in attendance.

At Dodger Stadium, Billy Bean, an MLB ambassador for inclusivity, will be joined by transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox and retired out umpire Dale Scott, who recently published his autobiography.