Chris Voth plays for the other team, and claims it has cost him a professional contract.

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The 26-year-old volleyball player told a Finnish publication that he “lost a dream contract abroad” because of his homosexuality. 

"We almost had a contract and were negotiating details, housing and small things,” he told the newspaper, which was translated for Outsports. “All of a sudden they announced they weren't interested any more after all. It was because I'm gay.” 

They gave Voth several reasons for denying him the contract — all of which point to his sexuality.

“They said [to my agent] they didn't want to take that risk — they didn't want to have a player in their team who breaks boundaries. They claimed they were worried that the opponents' fans would endanger my safety, but some things made me suspect it was an excuse."

Voth refused to name the country that rejected him, but claimed it generally accepts homosexuality through policies and culture. 

"I don't want to name the country, because it is not the only country where these things happen. It wouldn't be fair. This is about the sports culture globally, not just about one country or team."

Voth currently plays in the Finnish Volleyball Champions League for Team Lakkapaa. He came out as gay in 2014 while in the Canadian volleyball team.

Voth was the first national athlete from Canada to come out as openly gay, according to Winnipeg Free Press. Outsports also claims he is also the first openly gay athlete in a professional Finnish team.