They may be one of the first professional North American sports leagues to have a policy for transgender players.

“The (National Women’s Hockey League) recognizes all forms of gender expression,” the policy on transgender athletes reads. “Therefore, the NWHL supports athletes choosing to express their gender beyond the binary of female and male.”

Regardless of gender identity, anyone assigned female and not on testosterone therapy may participate.

Players assigned male at birth may play so long as they are on testosterone inhibitors and participate in testosterone testing while in the league.

The trans policy comes shortly after player Harrison Browne revealed his gender identity as male earlier this year.

"Transgender women are women,” trans advocate and triathlete Chris Mosier told OutSports. “When we respect a player’s identity, name, and pronoun, we are creating a space where athletes can show up as their authentic self, allowing them to be better players, teammates, and leaders.”