MMA Fighter Comes Out as Transgender, May Lose Right to Fight

Fallon Fox

UPDATE 03/07/13: SFGN contacted the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the governing department for the Florida Boxing Commission, and asked what repercussions would fall on Fox if her Florida license was revoked. Director of Communications for the DBPR, Sandi Copes Poreda, gave this statement:

“The Florida State Boxing Commission is in the process of updating the rules for professional MMA events and this topic will be included in an upcoming workshop on changes to the administrative rules. While Ms. Fox’s license application was approved, the Department is currently investigating allegations pertaining to the information provided on the application. I’m afraid we’re not able to speculate about anything further at this time.”


After becoming the first mixed martial arts fighter, male or female, to come out as transgender, Fallon Fox is in danger of having her fighting license denied by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.


Fox, who won her second professional bout on March 2 in Coral Gables, Florida, underwent gender reassignment in 2006, according to Sports Illustrated.  Fox told OutSports on March 5 that she knew one day her secret of being transgender would finally surface.

“For years I've known at some point it's very likely the shoe would drop,” Fox told Outsports. “Maybe someone would guess that I'm trans. Maybe they would know me from my life before I transitioned. I've been waiting for that phone call to happen.”

Her gender identity was revealed after an investigation of her license application to fight in Florida. Fox said she held an MMA license issued this year by the California State Athletic Commission. The CSAC confirmed that her application is under review, but not approved like Fox and her manager Brett Atchley believed.

Fox told OutSports her biggest fear is that her fighting career may be over. Much like Garrett Holeve, an MMA fighter with Down syndrome, Fox may have trouble finding women to step in the ring with her, even though she believes that she is no different than they are.

“I consider myself a woman,” Fox told OutSports. “I happen to fall into the transgender category, but I rather describe myself as a woman first, transsexual woman second.”

Fox’s next fight is scheduled for April 20. She said she hopes to be there.

“I love it so much. It's been my life these past five years,” Fox said. “I could have given up on it a long time ago, but I can't let it go.”

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