LGBT Flag Football League to Partner With Miami Dolphins 

The south Florida Flag Flootball League. Photo credit: Carina Mask

The South Florida Flag Football League is partnering with the Miami Dolphins this season in a big first for the organization. 

“We are partnering with them to host their first ever pride event during the game against Buffalo Bills on Nov. 17,” said Dominic Grasso, the league’s commissioner.

If the SFFFL is able to sell 250 tickets to that game the league will have the opportunity to host their championship game in February at the Dolphin’s practice facility in Davie.    

The league kicked off their opening games two weekends ago. 

“This will probably be our best season yet,” Grasso said.

This year the league has 10 teams and about 100 players participating. Registration though is closed for this season.

“New people can always come out and check out the games,” Grasso said.  

Those games take place Saturdays from 12:30 to 4 p.m. at Wimberly Fields Park in Oakland Park. While interested members may have missed this season Grasso said the league will be looking for players to sign up for their annual tournament, the Sunshine Cup, in February. 

Visit to buy tickets to the Nov. 17 game or for more information.