Gold Coast Derby Grrls Defeat Texas Hell Marys

'Derby Grrls'

Hell has no fury like the Gold Coast Derby Grrls bouncing back from a losing streak.

After some pretty bad losses at the FrankyPanky in Tampa, they put on quite a show for their audience back at home. The bout took place Sept. 17 at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale, and if you purchased special "Suicide Seating" tickets (18+ only) you got to see what a fight it really was.

They took on the Texas Hell Marys, an originating team for modern flat track derby. The game was neck and neck throughout, with Tackle Me Elmo bringing it home as one of the second half's point-racking lead jammers. Baller Shot Caller, another one of the Grrls, was awarded MVP Blocker. The buzzer ended the madness, with our local Gold Coast Derby Grrls winning with a thirty point lead.



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