After dislocating a joint in his foot, Wyatt Pertuset wondered if he would ever play football again. The openly gay Richwood, Ohio junior missed all of last year’s season and required two surgeries according to Outsports.

But last Saturday, that same athlete made all the difference in a game against the school’s arch-rival, Oberlin. According to Outsports, Pertuset scored two touchdowns, igniting the team to take home its first win of the season with a final score of 23-19.

Earlier this season, on Sept. 1, 6-1, 210-pound Pertuset went on to become perhaps the first out gay college football player to score a touchdown, the Chimes reported.

According to Outsports, on “ESPN Outside the Lines, Underreported News,” Bob Ley called Pertusset “an outstanding example” after the September touchdown.

Pertusset was later named Special Teams Player of the Week by the Ohio Athletic Conference for his punting, according to the official site of Capital Athletics.

His touchdowns at the Oberlin matchup were the second and third touchdowns this season by Pertuset.

Upon Outsports tweeting the story, Kevin Palms, a fan, tweeted “The teammates defending @WyattAPertuset in these replies are the types of allies we need in the LGBTQ+ community.”