The 2010 Gay Games will be held in Cologne, Germany and begin July 31st and run through August 7th, 2010. Many athletes are still trying to raise the necessary funds to travel and participate, depending on the generosity of their local communities to get them to The Games. To insure that all athletes  have that opportunity, a scholarship program is available to all that apply.


The awarding of scholarships to Gay Games participants began with Gay Games IV in New York 1994. In 1992, Roy M Coe, of San Francisco bequeathed the Roy Coe Scholarship Fund to the Federation of Gay Games. Every four years, the Federation and representatives from Coe’s family are honored and proud to carry out Coe’s wishes and award travel scholarships to assist participants to the Gay Games.

The Gay Games Scholarship Program is one way that the Federation of Gay Games reaches out to geographic locations and demographic groups who have been under-represented at previous Gay Games. Through this program, applicants can receive financial support for travel and housing expenses, registration fees, and a daily allowance for the week of the Games.

Determined to recognize the achievements of these athletes, some level of financial support will be offered to every deserving applicant. But without the help of donors like you, they will not be able to assist every athlete.

Here's how you can help. You can make a donation through The Federation of Gay Games website.  You can donate to the Games directly, or to the scholarship fund.  A small donation of $30 can provide housing or meals for one day for an applicant. As you can see, a little goes a long way.

For more information, and to make a donation to the scholarship, visit The Federation of Gay Games.