He may not have come out during his time in the professional realm, but now he wants to tell the world.

Adam McCabe, ex-professional soccer player, has revealed he is gay in a story shared with Meanwhiler. His goal was to help out people who are looking for advice, experience and guidance.

“Keeping my sexual orientation a secret was always on my mind, and I was constantly on my game to not let any sort of secret or slip up occur,” he stated.

In his early years, McCabe had not thought much about his sexuality.

“I lived, breathed, ate and slept soccer,” he said. “And I was not going to let anything, like a relationship or my sexuality, get in the way of my goals and dreams.”

At both semi-professional and professional levels, McCabe has played in England, Thailand and Slovakia. In his younger years, he played in home state Georgia, as well as Florida, where he grew up.

“When I finally accepted that I was different sexually than my teammates, it became hard for me to connect on a certain level with them. Especially in the locker room, I could not relate to the experiences they discussed, or describe my feelings for females because I simply did not have them. During these discussions I would remain silent, dreading the moment a teammate would call on me for my opinion or experience.”

McCabe claimed he had to try to fit in by making up stories and adapt to be like his teammates. He was careful not to let his sexuality come to light.

“During my time abroad, even though I had accepted that I was gay, I was still very ashamed, nervous, and scared to be this way and play a team sport.”

He was never told by anyone to hide his homosexuality, but he kept it secret on his own as a “natural instinct” because of the “homophobic language” his teammates would use.

“I was afraid to share my sexuality based off of what I had heard my teammates say,” he said, “Whether joking or not, these words are cemented in your brain and they shape the way you act towards and around your teammates.”

The ex-professional soccer player currently plays out of the NPSL League for the Georgia Revolution back in the United States. Last season he was named as Defensive Player of the Year.