John Buccigross of has written a compelling piece on a young man named Brendan Burke, coming out to his dad Brian Burke, a National Hockey League GM with the Toronto Maple Leafs.


It’s a story of a kid dealing with the jock mentality; that often narrow and homophobic mindset. In truth, his coming out to his family is no more difficult than most experiences similarly dealt with by gay men and women everywhere. But this story is really done too well for me to ruin it with a long blog. So here it is for your reading enjoyment- I command you to go to it at once.

I guess the most important part of the piece is when he Brendan tells his Dad, and the ho hum response is "Of course, we still love you. This won't change a thing."

We know, though, do we not, that there are still homes where similar pronouncements are unfortunately met with emotional and material ramifications that destroy families. That's the reality of life.

Here is one gay blogger’s analysis, pointedly talking about various issues we all face in our lives, regardless of sexuality. A very good piece.

The bottom line is that at any time, any where, we are all, if you will, naked before a cannon. There are moments in our lives where we are called upon to stand our ground, and make moral decisions which influence what and who we become. For Brendan Burke, it was homosexuality. For an addict, it might be drugs. For an abused child, it may have been a violent parent.

Once you confront the ‘bully’ within yourself, the one secretly and quietly beating you up daily, you will find a new found freedom. You will relieve the torture your existence has cornered you into. After 60 years on this Earth, that is my experience. Free yourself from the psychological repression you impose upon yourself, and your spirit will soar, your life will grow, and you will achieve the very things you long and yearn for.

Kudos to John Buccigross of ESPN for framing a ‘coming out’ column as astutely as he has done so for the Burke family. We have all been so tested.