The next time a college athlete wants to come out of the closet he will probably be a little less scared his coach and teammates will ostracize him.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, a coalition of organizations and college athletic programs, has released an 82-page guide for administrators, coaches and students to help them deal with LGBT athletes.

The booklet, named “Champions of Respect,” will include explanations for LGBT-related terms and guidelines to make gay college athletes feel comfortable. It will also provide instruction on how coaches should react if a team member comes out as gay or if two teammates are dating, according to the New York Times.

Hudson Taylor, founder of Athlete Ally and co-author of the guide, said the guide represents the first attempt to educate N.C.A.A. members on how LGBT athletes should be treated.

“My work at Athlete Ally, whether speaking to professional athletes or college students, is to answer the tough questions,” he said in a statement.

“We need to delve deep to make sure that every sports participant can engage as a valued member of his or her team.”

The guide will be distributed to N.C.A.A. members this week.