Wade Davis, Fallon Fox, Nike Corp are all being inducted into the National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame, along with the entire 2014 class.

The event is going down at the Center on Halsted, a Chicago LGBT community center, on July 11 at 6 p.m. The Friday event will showcase the 15 new inductees, among them people, corporations, and organizations. All of the inductees share a common denominator. In accordance with the NGLSHoF, their “achievements and efforts have enhanced the fields of sports and athletics for the LGBT community.”

This year’s inductees:

  • John Amaechi, retired NBA player
  • Billy Bean, retired MLB player
  • Mark Bingham, rugby player (Deceased)
  • Tom Daley, Olympic Medal Winning Diver
  • Wade Davis, Executive Director of You Can Play and retired NFL player
  • Fallon Fox, Mixed Martial Artist
  • Brittney Griner, decorated collegiate athlete, active WNBA player
  • Mayor George Moscone, Straight Ally, Former Mayor of San Francisco, (Deceased)
  • Chris Mosier, founder of transathlete.com
  • Nike, corporation
  • Diana Nyad, endurance swimmer
  • Jerry Smith, NFL player (Deceased)
  • Stand Up Foundation, anti-bullying non-profit organization
  • Gareth Thomas, retired rugby player
  • Esera Tuaolo, retired NFL player

You can also see a full list of past inductees and their biographies here.

Tickets go for $30 if you buy one and $50 if you buy two. You can get those here.

In addition to inductees, the Hall of Fame (which was founded in 2013) will preserve the history of LGBT individuals who have impacted professional and amateur sports. The hall of fame will also provide outreach and education to the sporting world so that LGBT youth all across the nation feel welcome and safe to participate in any and all athletic related activities.

For more information, go to GayAndLesbianSports.com.